CORE Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation is an outpatient physical therapy clinic that is dedicated to ensuring optimal health for all our clients.  At our four locations, our purpose is to assist our clients and their families in achieving maximum functional independence and improved quality of life.

Our highly trained and certified therapists focus on increasing the function and physical wellbeing of our patients who suffer from painful conditions or restricted mobility.  We offer comprehensive approach to each medical condition they treat. Our one-on-one hands on approach is the strength behind our successful treatment programs. We ensure that all patients progress each time they walk through the door.

And while we treat each patient as an individual, our primary goals for each patient remain the same:

  • Increase strength and function while reducing physical limitations and pain
  • Build physical awareness and strength
  • Cultivate lifestyle behaviors that promote wellness and longevity
  • Restore daily living activities (given abilities)
  • Maximize potential to perform daily living activities