“My doctor was pushing for me to get surgery for the four bulging discs I had in my back. However, I wanted to explore my options before just jumping into surgery. I made a good call. Since coming to CORE, my symptoms and pain have improved tremendously. Prior to PT, I was unable to bend my neck up or down without getting dizzy or lightheaded. Now I can move without any problems. I would also wake up in the middle of the night from the discomfort in my neck and back. That too has stopped. The headaches I used to get from the neck and back pain have gone away as well.”

 – Sarah H.

“I came into CORE after the start of acute back pain which was interfering with my ability to stand and walk at work. I am a nurse and heavily depend on my ability to function physically in my profession, as well as enjoy exercising daily. My pain was only present for one week prior to seeking treatment, but I wanted to address it right away and knew PT could help (as my husband has success there months prior for similar symptoms). Heather was able to identify my problem immediately and with simple exercises, I was back to normal function and pain free within three weeks! I’m so grateful to have had such a positive experience at CORE!”

 – Kathy W.

“I arrived at CORE Physical Therapy confident I was wasting my time, only going there to satisfy a friend who asked to give it a shot, as I was already considering surgery through a neurosurgeon. Why not? I had two bad discs and stenosis of the spine, all proven by MRI. I had already done PT elsewhere, tried shots in the back and nothing was working. I was positive only surgery would help. I told them all this. I was sure I was wasting my time. I’m so glad I was wrong. After working with Cheyenne, I have been able to manage my pain, eliminating my perceived notion that I “needed” surgery. I am sleeping so much better, no more burning down my legs, no more “restless leg” syndrome. My life has improved greatly since visiting CORE PT. I would strongly recommend making an appointment. If you have been suffering with back pain, especially if you’ve been told back surgery is your only option…it isn’t! Trust me. Physical Therapy works and CORE PT is the place to go. Thank you to the staff at CORE I have my life back!”

 – Keith S.

“When I came to CORE I was very unsteady on my feet due to vertigo – and I thought nothing could improve it. Now, after coming to CORE and completely the Balance Builder Program – I can do many things without becoming disoriented. In fact, my goal is to be able to play golf this summer! Thank you for getting me back my life like it was before!”

 – Mel B.

“When I first started therapy at CORE, I was ready to quit my job and just give up on all activities that involved using my left hand and arm. I was in such severe pain that I thought I would need pain medication and surgery. Who would believe that all I had to do was stretch and exercise the muscles in my neck and shoulders! In a couple of months, my pain was nil and my posture had improved significantly! Thanks to all.”

 – Donna D.